Andrew Eppler back in Munich! 4.-11. September! Eppler back in Munich!  4.-11. September!

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Montag – Freitag
5. – 9. September 2016
jeden Morgen Mysore-Style

Montag, Mittwoch, Donnerstag & Freitag 7:00h -10:00 Uhr
Dienstag 7:00h -10:45 Uhr
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Sonntag, 4. Sept
14-16:30h Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Mysore Style €40,-

Samstag, 10. Sept.
12-14:30 Uhr Introduction to 2nd Series Ashtanga Yoga Workshop €40,-
14:45-16:15 Uhr Mudra/Bandha and Breath Workshop €25,-

Sonntag, 11. Sept.
11:30-13:20 Uhr Led-Class (geführte erste Serie) €18,-
13:30-15:30 Uhr Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy Workshop €25,-

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Detailierte Workshopbeschreibungen für den 10. und 11. September:

Introduction to 2nd Series Ashtanga Yoga

This will be a gentle tour of 2nd series that is appropriate for everyone. We will discuss how to transition into 2nd series in daily practice and practical ideas for determining when it is appropriate to do so. Intermediate postures can help to create a more balanced practice and take us through the limitations that hold us back in Primary Series. The aim of this class is to demystify the 2nd series and to inspire students to take their practices further.

Mudra/ Bandha and Breath

After asana practice we will move on to more subtle practices. The Bandhas we use in Ashtanga Yoga are derived from Mudra practices. We will explore the subject of Mudra and the specific exercises that correspond to the Bandhas. Mudra is a vast branch of yoga and involves a very diverse set of practices. Through these techniques students can gain a much better understanding of what the bandhas do and the role they play with breath. These practices lay a foundation for Asana and they are essential for practicing Pranayama.

Pranayama and Energetic Anatomy

Pranayama is the 4th Limb in Ashtanga Yoga and forms a bridge from the physical practices of Asana and Mudra into the more subtle realms of concentration and meditation. The basic Pranayamas of Sri BNS Iyengar’s system will be taught. We will discuss how to safely begin these practices and incorporate them into daily life. We will also discuss the yogic ideas of the nervous system that are connected with Pranayama. Kundalini, Shushumna Nadi, Ida and Pingala will be explained. These practices form part of an ancient philosophy and provide a glimpse into the inner practices of Yoga which become relevant as we go deeper into our practices.


Andrew Eppler has been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for over 30 years and he is the owner and director of Ashtanga Yoga Studio in Norman Oklahoma. Andrew began practicing yoga with his father, Ray Eppler, at age 14. Cliff Barber, an old friend of Andrew’s father, was their first teacher. Somehow Andrew’s father had the patience and insight to keep his young son interested and practicing yoga daily throughout his teen years. Danny Paradise, who is also a very influential teacher for Andrew, was kind enough to let Andrew to tag along on one of his many trips and taught Andrew how to travel in Asia. Danny dropped him off to study in Mysore saying “good luck kid!” In 1990 at the age of 18 Andrew was able to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois where he practiced through the 3rd series.

In 1995 Andrew returned to Mysore and studied with Sri BNS Iyengar. Because Iyengar’s series is slightly different, Andrew made it a point to learn both methods thoroughly. Andrew has continued to study with Sri BNS Iyengar 8 times over the last 20 years and has completed courses in Pranayama, Mudra, and Yoga Philosophy. Andrew carries Iyengar’s blessing in teaching Yoga. In 2014 Andrew brought Sri. BNS Iyengar and his assistant Kanchen Mala to the USA to teach in Oklahoma at Ashtanga Yoga Studio.

Andrew’s teachers include everyone he has ever practiced with and every student in his classes. But some kind souls have made great contributions and those people include Sri BNS Iyengar, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Cliff Barber, David Williams, Nancy Gilgoff, Danny Paradise, Kumar Pallana, and many others.

Magic is one of Andrew’s passions and he has always had a keen fascination with all things that seem to be miraculous or unexplainable. Through the yogic practices he became aware at an early age that perception depends hugely on the state of mind of each individual watching. Andrew has traveled to many parts of the world, from the streets of Europe to the jungles of Asia, to study different types of magical practices. His studies include both modern and ancient forms of sleight of hand and illusion as well as, rain making and many different ethnic healing ritual practices. In his lectures about yoga he sometimes uses magic and illusion to illustrate philosophical points about the nature of the mind and how our perception works. The art of illusion has deep roots and is a part of every culture. “I have no magic powers other than the power to practice an art form that I love and to make people smile and take them for a moment to a place of wonder where anything can happen. Reality is very fragile indeed when you start to examine it carefully.”

Andrew’s teaching is a syntheses of everything he has studied and been exposed to in his journey with yoga. He has always loved the structure of the Ashtanga Sequences and the grounding repetition of movements that bring out our full potential and create states of deep concentration. Andrew also loves the creative and innovative sides of yoga and sees yoga as an evolving, expanding cultural and spiritual art form. “My goal in teaching is to inspire people to believe in themselves and to cultivate a daily practice that fits in their life, and to make it a sacred, healing, evolving, life long journey to explore our fullest potential.”

Private Sessions available at Yogaloft Buttermelcherstr. with Andrew

Andrew has studied many healing art forms. Andrew holds certificates in traditional Thai Bodywork with the Old Medicine Hospital in Chang Mai Thailand as well as the Thai government certified TMC school. Private sessions with Andrew include personalized asana, mudra, and pranayama sequences, Thai Bodywork, chiropractic adjustments, Yoga Therapy, Dietary and Nutritional counseling, meditative exercises, and shamanic healing techniques. Andrew has learned many disciplines over the last 30 years and enjoys working with people individually, providing they are practicing yoga and taking an active roll in their own healing process. He believes that healing begins in one’s own heart and mind and that the first step is taking on personal accountability, and designing a daily practice that fits within ones life situation.

1hour €120,- Book directly with Andrew:

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