Astrologer Gahl Sasson in Munich January 2018!

26. + 27. Januar Gahl Sasson in Munich January 2018!

Astrologie mit Gahl Sasson
Buttermelcherstr 11RGB

Friday, 26th of January 2018 20:15 – 22:00h The Astrology of the Year 2018, €30,-
Saturday, 27th of January 2018 17-19h Angels, €30,-
Both: €50,-

Recent publication by Gahl:
„We are God’s selfie“


The Astrology of the Year 2018: The Year of the Dog

A human’s best friend! Welcome to the year of loyalty, playfulness, and protection.

Get your must have guide to all the major astrological aspects of the year 2018.
If you are planning something big next year, don’t finalize anything until you take this class!
This will be a Magical Mystery Tour into the Astrology of the Year Ahead and you will leave this class with all the tools you need to make your wishes a reality as well as when to do it.
As we map out the year to come we will investigate:
• Dates of Mercury retrograde
• Full and New Moons & how to work with moon magic
• Blessed & challenging dates
• Eclipses and other important times
• Specific astrological aspects & how they will affect you

Teach yourself how to surf life’s synchronicities and become a master of your own destiny.

Heroes & Heroines – Connecting by Creating your Guardian Angel.

The bible tells us: “Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.“ (Exodus 23:20)
Who are these angels? Does everyone has a guardian angel? Can an angel leave us? Can we communicate with it? What is their relations to demons? What is the difference between archangels and angels?
This workshops helps you reconnect to your childhood heroes and heroines and demonstrate how they are a mirror image if your guardian angels. In this workshops we explore your hero and heroines (inner masculine and feminine sides) and see how their superpFowers as well as their faults can help you gain access to your guardian angel/s. The workshop will also explore the biblical stories about angels and what Kabbalah and astrology can teach us about them. Connecting to your angels can help you reach your full potential and avoid pitfalls and negativity.

This workshops explores:

· Techniques to harmonize your masculine and feminine sides and understand their connection to your angel.
· Exercises designed to bond you to your guardian angel (their name, color, sign etc).
· Kabbalistic angelic meditations.
· Connecting to your angel through creativity.
· Stories about angels.

„For He will give His angels charge over you, to guard you in all thy ways“ Psalm 91:11

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