Ian Szydlowski in München vom 9.-14. März 2018

http://last.jivamukti.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Ian-Szydlowski-Alvarez_MAR_slider.svgIan Szydlowski in München vom 9.-14. März 2018

Ian Szydlowski-Alvarez
Jivamukti Advanced Certified

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass Ian bei uns zu Besuch ist.
Er unterrichtet Open, Medium, Spiritual Warrior und Meditation.

Alle Stunden von Ian stehen online im Tages- und Wochenplan.

Hier eine Auswahl seiner Stunden:

Meditation/Satsang Freitag, 09. März – 16:05-16:45
Open Samstag, 10. März – 12:30-14:00
Medium Sonntag, 11. März – 12:00-13:30
Spiritual Warrior Dienstag, 13. März – 07:30-08:30
Open Dienstag, 13. März – 20:15-21:45

Ian teaches in English.

In Spanish there is beautiful refrain, “Se hace el camino al andar,” or “one makes the path by walking.” In this way I hope to serve others by offering an integrated practice and experience of Yoga as I have practiced and understood it. Yoga practice not only as an instrument towards liberation– but as liberation itself – in the tradition of Jivamukti. An instrument to help us learn to be more receptive in order to nourish our highest potential – Yoga transforms the physical body all the way to the internal layers of energy and consciousness to shake and shape us into magic of Now.

As a teacher I have a passionate interest in esoteric yoga philosophy as applied to precise alignment in Asanas, and the flowing meditation of linking breath and movement. I give thanks and praise to the contributions of Jivamukti’s Sharon & David and the Jivamukti method, along with my amazing mentor Rima Rabbath for her unconditional love support and inspiration.

My New York Jiva Roots

A vigorous Jivamukti Open Class (all levels). From 2009-2015 I had the privilege to experience daily practice during some iconic, and I dare say esoteric years at our center on Broadway in New York City. In this 95 minute session I pay homage and praise to that journey and some of the gifted teachers that work to give the practice resonance and light. I hope to share the magic and potential of this exciting method.

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