Hip Workshop with Emma Henry

25. Juni

http://last.jivamukti.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/emma2017.pngHip Workshop with Emma Henry

London’s darling kommt nach München und vertritt Antje und Petros während die beiden auf Kreta unterrichten.
Wir freuen uns sehr auf Emma Henry und ganz besonders auch auf diesen Jivamukti Workshop, hip hip hooray!

Hip Parade with Emma Henry
So. 25. Juni 14-16:30h

The activities and stresses of our daily lives can often lead to tightness and discomfort in our hips. Releasing this tension is crucial for our overall health. Often when we begin to look at enabling more motion in the pelvic area, we end up putting more strain on the knee joint and sacroiliac joint. In this workshop we can step out of the unconscious need to jam our body and find instead a sensible and sensitive approach to hip opening postures. According to Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita, conscious effort and consistent practice (tapas) need the quality of acceptance and letting go (ishvara pranidhana). Learn more about how to get what you really need instead of mindlessly striving for what you want. Focusing deeply and turning your attention inward will allow you to connect not only with your physical, but also with your energetic and emotional body.

Emma Henry was introduced to yoga in the mid 90s and has been teaching since 1998 Her background in dance and martial arts is evident in her dynamic, innovative and playful choreography and understanding of anatomy and the subtle body.
Emma’s yogic path has led her to Mysore from practicing Astanga with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and to advanced certification in the Jivamukti method with beloved teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life.

Her continuing education is shared with all of her students through her love of yogic texts and her mezmerizing chanting. All of her classes include an inspiring sound track and a lot of laughter. Her goal is to create a space for practitioners to feel inspired, safe, nurtured and uplifted.

She has hosted yoga workshops and retreats around the world with many happy yogis returning for more year after year and is the first UK facilitator and mentor for the renowned Jivamukti Teacher Training Program.

photographed by Karen Yeomans, specialist in Sports, Fitness, Health, Well-being and Yoga Photography. Based in London.

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