Prop till you drop Workshop

with Jill Abelson till you drop Workshop

PROP TILL YOU DROP Workshop – mit Jill Abelson
Sonntag, 28. Mai 13:45 – 16:45h
€35,- Buchung

Wir freuen uns auf die beliebte Jivamukti Lehrerin Jill aus San Francisco!

Sie ist besonders bekannt für ihre Assists und Verwendung von Hilfsmitteln. Jill war auch Teacher Training Mentorin von einigen Münchner Jivamukti Lehrern 🙂
Jill wird Fr. 26. – So. 28. Mai auch ein paar Jivamukti Open Stunden vertreten. Genaue Details folgen bald 🙂

PROP TILL YOU DROP – Mit Jill Abelson
Sunday May 28, 2017
All levels welcome!

The word “prop” comes from Middle English, Dutch and German proppe, meaning, “something used to sustain, strengthen or create a desired effect.” Exactly right, since blocks, blankets, straps, etc. in yoga asana open the door to stability, support, expansion, resistance/activation and relaxation. A well-placed prop makes challenging poses more accessible, and routine poses stronger, deeper and more satisfying. Props play an important role in helping us understand the inner workings of asana and alignment.

Open to ALL LEVELS, this fun and interactive workshop explores creative use of blocks, blankets, walls, straps and human bodies within a wide range of standing, balancing, seated, back bending and restorative poses. Perfect for teachers AND students wanting to expand their skills in a spirit of community and connecting.

Jivamukti Yoga Munich Guest Teacher Jill Abelson, Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, San Francisco CA

Jill was born, adopted and raised in Miami, Florida. The curious circumstances of her birth meant that from an early age, she asked the eternal question: “Who am I?” Obsessed with questions about God, fate and identity, she stayed awake until all hours of the night, contemplating big thoughts for a little girl. At age 27, she undertook a search for her birth parents, a life-changing experience reaffirming her belief in karma and the power of self-inquiry.

She found yoga through a lifelong study of classical dance, two pursuits that continue to dovetail in interesting ways. She studied and trained in Ashtanga (with David Swenson), Vinyasa (with Shiva Rea) and Kripalu Yoga (Stephen Cope and Yoganand Michael Carroll) before finding her home within the worldwide Jivamukti Yoga community, developing her craft under the ongoing, loving guidance of Sharon Gannon, David Life and mentors Vanessa Kennedy in Toronto, Canada and Nicole Narayani Nichols at Jivamukti NYC. She graduated from Jivamukti TT in 2005, completed her apprenticeship in 2008, became Advanced Certified in 2012 and served as a TT Mentor in May 2016. Her classes reflect a completely unique teaching style that is filled with creativity, musicality and a free spirit characteristic of San Francisco, her home since 2009.

In Northern California, she teaches at Yoga Tree, Yoga Works, Ekam Yoga & Wellness and Grace Cathedral, and at Flow Yoga Center in Washington, DC. She lives with her husband and 2 cats not far from the world famous coastal redwoods called Muir Woods.

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