Strength & Freedom – Yoga Workshop mit Karl Straub

Strength & Freedom – Yoga Workshop mit Karl Straub

Sonntag, 10. Juni,
13:45-16:45 Uhr

Therapeutic asanas to relieve tension in the hips, shoulders, and neck.
Experience different types of pranayama, stories and philosophy, and enjoy a guided deep relaxation. Karl will also give an overtone chant demonstration.

Wir freuen uns sehr, dass unser alter Freund und Kollege Karl Straub wieder zum Unterrichten nach München kommt – nutze die Gelegenheit, bei diesem sehr lustigen, charmanten und inspirierenden Lehrer zu üben!

Karl unterrichtet auf „Denglisch“, halb Deutsch, halb Englisch.

Karl Straub was born in North Carolina, USA, in 1965. He is a graduate of Duke University, a former competitive swimmer, dolphin communication researcher, artist, teacher, and IT consultant. He lived 6 years near Central Park in NYC where he studied with David Life and Sharon Gannon at Jivamukti Yoga School. He completed the Jivamukti Yoga teacher training in 2005. Afterwards he gave up his business career in order to focus full-time on spiritual and physical well-being. He sold and gave away all his furniture, most of his clothes, and set off on an odyssey of 8 years in which he traveled only with what he could carry. Since then Karl has taught in more than 40 cities and 12 countries around the world. Today Karl is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Kosten : 40,00€


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