Restorative & Meditation with Ian – 9./16./30.August

Donnerstag, 9.,16.,30. August: 20:15 Restorative with Ian (Buttermelcherstrasse)

„The syncretistic teachings I will be sharing in this three part program are directly inspired from my personal journey and studies of ancient yoga traditions that center on our subtile body, speech, and mind.“

Are we a human body experiencing energy, emotions, and consciousness, or are we light – pure awareness experiencing embodiment as many of these ancient teachings describe? If so how do we cut through our everyday senses, perceptions, thoughts and emotions to reveal this underlying ground of awareness and wisdom? This path is experiential, it’s not an just an idea or a utopian vision, each one of us has the potential to crack open the shell to become more finely tuned to this primordial glow. In the program I will introduce key concepts and simple practices together with purifications, Kriyas, Mantras, visualizations, and meditations to hopefully spark interest and help better understand this lively field of subtle meditation and yoga practice.

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