Internationale Gastlehrer Advanced Jivamukti Lehrer zu Besuch bei uns im Center

Wir freuen uns sehr auch dieses Jahr wieder sehr beliebte und ganz besondere Gastlehrer bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen.

Im Januar kommt der Puerto Ricaner Hamilton und gibt als Special einen Moonflow-Workshop.
Juan aus Peru ist im Februar für ein paar Tage zu Gast.
Und Andrea aus London unterrichtet im März bei uns neben ihren Jivamukti Stunden einen Yin Yoga Workshop.
Ende April kommt Ian wieder zu Besuch und wird ein bis zwei Wochen bei uns unterrichten!

Alle vier sind Jivamukti Advanced Certified und unterrichten auf Englisch.

Mehr Infos:

Hamilton Linares
Mi. 16.- So. 20. Januar 2019

Chandra Namaskar, Moon Sequence
Sa. 19. Januar

Celebrating the 1st full moon of 2019. Join this workshop to honor the Full Moon. The days surrounding the full moon creates and internal high tide; just like the moon and sun combines to create tides in the ocean. Generally this days there is an increase in energy, subtle changes in to the fluid in the body, this leads to over stimulation and a strong vinyasa practice is not recommended. Practicing with compassion, patience the sequence will be strengthening full of rewards. This sequence is therapeutic for lower back, hips, knees and shoulders, the asanas tend to be calming rather than stimulating. Chandra Namaskar can be modified for all level of practitioners.
Lets ride the wave with ease, lets swim in the ocean of peace.

Über Hamilton:
Born and raised in the Island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean, Norway has become his home since 2003. Hamilton first encounter with yoga was in 2008 at Atha Yoga, now call Jivamutki Yoga Stavanger were currently he teaches as Advance Jivamukti Instructor. The evolution of life has taking him from the island to the City of Angels in California adventuring in Film and acting in his mid 20s, later moving to the city of Miami. Crossing the atlantic for new adventures that lead him eventually to reconnect with his true Dharma. Through different methods of Yoga, Teachers, deep reflection; Jivamukti yoga was the home.
Much respect and blessings to my Dear Gurus David-ji and Padma-ji.
„When i listen, when i reflect to the message of my teachers i know the Voice of God ; blessings to all my teachers in my life“

Vibrant Living yoga ( 300 RYT ) Bali, Indonesia / 2011
Prison yoga training, (12 hours) Oslo, Norway /2011
Ashtanga yoga teacher training (David Swenson, 40 hours ) Munich, Germany / 2012
1 Month Course (Matthew Sweeney, Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Krama ) Rishikesh, India / 2013
MediYoga Course, Sola, Norway / 2013
Jivamukti yoga (300 Hours), Blue Spirit,Costa Rica / 2015
Advanced Certified Jivamukti Teacher /2017
yoga Anubhav, , 7 days course/ Gorvadhan Eco village, India/ 2018

Juan Sierra
Fr. 22.- Mo. 25.Februar 2019

Über Juan:
Juan, born in Peru and raised in NYC is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher and a Mentor for Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Trainings. He is currently living and teaching at the Jivamukti Yoga Berlin Studio. His classes are filled with „crisp“ humor and endearing humility, skillful hands-on assists, and thoughtful choice of music. Juan offers a witty yet challenging practice that strives to inspire and empower, giving students tools to develop consciousness – and maintain undisrupted when faced with the calamities of everyday life. Juan is eternally grateful to his Teachers who have influenced him: David Swenson, Sharon Gannon, David Life, and his mentor, Rima Rani Rabbath.

Andrea Kwiatkowski
So.03.- So.10. März 2019

Yin Yoga Workshop
Rest and Digest
Sa. 09. März

Rest and Digest a Yin Yoga Workshop

Rest and Digest a yin yoga workshop. In the Chinese system the kidneys store Jing, our life Essence which when managed properly gives us enthusiasm for new adventures and energy for life. Kidney function is related to water, blood and our bones. It is said strong kidney energy can make us determined in our lives and helps us age with wisdom and grace, but if weakened fear, stress and fatigue are common place. The Spleen aids with digestion and nourishment. If our spleen energy is strong we are well balanced, grounded and have a strong will power, if it is weak we can feel lost in the world, struggle with being centred and suffer from anxious thoughts.
This 2.5 hr workshop will include a yin yoga sequence alongside Daoist and Buddhist teachings, Pranayama and meditation.

Über Andrea
Andrea has been teaching yoga since 2000 and is an Advanced Jivamukti teacher studying directly from Sharon Gannon and David life. She is a mentor on the Jivamukti teacher training faculty and has taught at various Jivamukti centres around Europe including Jivamukti London 2005-2009, The Looking glass Basel, Jivamukti Berlin and Peace Yoga Berlin. Andrea has been a yin yoga practitioner since 2003 and she began studying with her teacher Sarah Powers in 2007. She is a Level 2 yin yoga teacher, teaches retreats and workshops alongside interweaving her study of Buddhism which began in her twenties.
She has trained with Judith Lasater and is certified in Restorative yoga. She teaches workshops and retreats both in the Uk and abroad.

Infos zu Ian’s Besuch folgen in Kürze.

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