Online classes: How to self-checkin with Eversports

Online classes: How to self-checkin with Eversports

Dear students,

Due to the current situation and the latest regulations of the Bavarian district government, our classes in the center are pausing. We’re offering online classes instead! Please check the schedule at our website!

PLEASE NOTE: This article is for students with regular memberships. If you want to use URBAN SPORTS CLUB for our online sessions, please check out THIS tutorial.

Qualitrain customers find a tutorial here.

HEALTH INSURANCE CLASSES (KRANKENKASSEN-KARTEN): All courses refunded by health insurances are on pause until we are returning to our regular daily business. The cards can however be used as a payment for our online classes and it’s likely that the insurances will show goodwill due to the current circumstances, but it’s still everybody’s individual decision to either wait until the health classes will be continued or to use the cards as a payment for the online classes and by that risking the refund from the insurance. We strongly recommend to contact your health insurance before you use your Krankenkassenkarte in any other way!


The session will be streamed live directly from the center. You can check in yourself with your regular point card or month pass. You can purchase drop ins, point cards or a month pass at Eversports:

Eversports for iOS
Eversports for Android
Eversports in your web browser

Our online classes are the only way for us to keep our business running and to pay our teachers as well 😉


Eversports is the software we are using as a customer data bank and to create our schedules etc. You being already registered at our place doesn’t necessarily mean that you have your own login at Everports. In most cases, the following procedure will be necessary:

• Download the Eversports app for your mobile device or go to in your desktop browser.
• Select your location (München), search for „Jivamukti“ and mark our location (Gärtnerplatz) as a favorite!
• If you remember the email address you gave us at your initial signup at the center, please use this email as well for your registration at Eversports – you can thereby create a password and voilà, you have your own login at Eversports.
• If you DON’T remember the email you gave us when you signed up at our center, send a brief note to and we’ll tell you which email address is connected to your customer account.
• DON’T REGISTER WITH ANOTHER EMAIL IN CASE YOU FORGOT THE OLD ONE! This will create a second account and you won’t be able to use your month pass etc.


Once you’ve created your own login at Eversports, you can select a class you want to join and check yourself in:

• Log yourself in at Eversports, go to your favorites and you’ll see the actual schedule with all online classes
• Check yourself in and either select your active month pass / point card as a payment or choose from one of the offered payment methods
• The link to the live session will be available 15 minutes before the class begins.

Send us an email to if you need further help!


• Please install the free app ZOOM on your mobile device or your desktop computer.


The link to the live session will be available 15 minutes before the class begins. It will NOT be sent by mail to you but it’ll be shown in your Eversports app or the desktop browser version. Please note that you must be logged in at Eversports to see the link!

LBNL: Latest checkin for every online class is 15 min. before the class begins

PS: Please turn off your mic and your camera ;-)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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