Online classes: How to self-checkin with Qualitrain

Happy to see you! This is how you check in to our online classes when you’re a Qualitrain member.


Open your QUALITRAIN app just the regular way and choose our location at the Gärtnerplatz or Haidhausen. The schedule you see in your QUALITRAIN app might not be entirely up to date. Please pick the class in your app’s schedule that comes the closest to the actual online class you wish to attend.

Scan the QR code above to check in at your “replacement class”.

ATTENTION: Booking your class in the Qualitrain app does not save you a spot in a physical class! Due to the limited spots in our classes you will need a reservation in our system “Eversports”. Here’s everything you need to know.

Once you’ve created your own Everspors login, you can book the class you wish to attend. Please select “QUALITRAIN MEMBERSHIP” as your payment method for 0 EUR. Voilà: Your spot is safe!

When you come to the center, just tell us your name and scan the Qualitrain QR code with your app.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the limited number of spots all reservations are binding! If you don’t show up for class, your Qualitrain balance will still be used. If a Qualitrain confirmation after scanning the code is not possible due to imbalances at your Qualitrain account, we will have to charge a Drop In for 18 EUR. Please check you Qualitrain balance before you reserve a spot in Eversports!

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